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One word for optimal wellness in 2024

My 'Wellness Project' starts on Monday, January 8! Are you in? Join me, follow me on social media, or reach out for coaching along the way. My wish for everyone is that you have a healthy year filled with greater and greater health and vitality!

Who doesn't want to experience greater wellness in the year ahead? Creating your very own 'wellness project' is a perfect way to stay focused and end this year being more well than you are today - physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually.

So, let's get started...

Step 1: pick a word that represents your main wellness focus for the year ahead.

Step 2: reflect on what will help you achieve your desired intention. Here are a few questions to help you with your reflection.

I want this because...

I will let go of...

I will stop...

I will start...

I will care for myself more by...

Step 3: decide which action(s) you will pick for this month related to your one word. I recommend no more than 3 actions for the month. Too many leads to less focus.

Step 4: how will you track these actions? Concrete feedback in the form of tracking and daily review of what worked and what didn't are important in order to make adjustments along the way. Remember, progress not perfection!

How this may look in real life using my own example...

Step 1: My word is STRONGER. For me, this is physically stronger as well as mentally.

Step 2: Reflections

I want this because as I age, I choose to remain strong and enjoy all the activities and travel opportunities that give me joy.

I will let go of excuses why I can't fit in the work that is required to have strong muscles.

I will stop putting other priorities above my health and vitality.

I will start taking action to build muscle every single day.

I will care for myself more by following through on the above.

Step 3: the action I am taking this month is doing a strength training routine that takes 10 minutes or less every single day for the month of January. I will also do a strength training routine that takes around 20 minutes 3 times/week for the month of January.

Step 4: I will log my actions in a journal that I already own by checking them off at the end of each day.

Let's get started on a wellness project together. Let me know via email, Facebook, or Instagram if you're in!

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