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Another favorite kitchen tool - Ballarini ceramic non-stick skillet

I love sharing tools for the kitchen that I find well designed, highly functional, and a good value for the money. Prior to investing in the Ballarini non-stick skillet, every non-stick skillet that I owned needed replacing within a year or two. Since I always purchased 'green' non-sticks, I didn't replace due to the coatings coming off. Almost always, the skillet surfaces started sticking within the year. Of course, this led to using more oils or fats for cooking, which I try to limit.

I came across the Italian-made Ballarini line of cookware and decided to test the skillet. I have owned mine at least 3 years now and it works as well as the day I bought it. I am happy to give it my seal of approval and am sharing with you because I often get asked about my favorite kitchen tools.

It's available on Amazon for just $39.95.

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