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"What if" exercise

Struggling to stick to that exercise goal you made? Or the commitment to lose weight by eating healthier? Or turning off your devices 2 hours before bed to maximize your sleep? This "what if" exercise can help you tap into the power of why you want to make these changes.

Usually, people change because they sincerely want to feel better, look better, be free of disease, age well, remain able to do their favorite physical activity, or even just do everyday activities with ease. All great reasons! Why then do we often get off track and forget our important reason for wanting to change? And, most importantly, how do we tap into our power - and its not willpower because that is fleeting - but our real sustainable power?

“How do we tap into our power - and it's not willpower because that is fleeting - but our real sustainable power??”

We can use the "what if" exercise to reinforce our commitment to making a change. This exercise taps into the power of visualization to motivate and inspire you. It also taps into the reward center of your brain which reinforces the behavior change.

The exercise

SET aside 10-15 minutes to do this exercise without interruption.

GRAB a pen and paper. Writing helps reinforce the exercise.

GET comfortable and take a few deep breaths to settle into the moment. Close your eyes to minimize distraction.

Now, IMAGINE that you are a healthy vibrant 75 year old. You are at the beach (or your favorite place). Really picture yourself there.

What are you doing? Swimming, surfing, walking, running, flying a kite, playing with your grandchildren? Or perhaps you are sitting in your favorite beach chair reading?

How are you feeling in this setting or activity? Joyful, free, vitality, relaxed? Really feel the emotional state of being there.

How do you look (or maybe wished you looked)? Really picture this future self. What are you wearing? No judgment here! Remember this is a what if exercise...

Now, picture yourself leaving the beach and heading back to your car or house. If you're in your chair, can you easily get up? Are you balanced as you stand and move in the sand? Are you able to carry your belongings off the beach?

If so, great! Continue to make the daily choices of healthy eating, exercising, getting good sleep, and stress management to support this physical state.

If not, it's time to start today with lifestyle changes that will result in this future self, living and enjoying this life you just imagined! What actions will begin supporting this future state of health and vitality? Write them down.

If you'd like help getting started or need support along the way, connect with me. I'd love to support you in your journey!

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